Recruitment Solutions is one of Zimbabwe’s leading Employment Agencies.  Founded in 2011 from a need arising in Bulawayo and outlying areas of Zimbabwe for strategic services in alleviating unemployment and the demise of business in general, Recruitment Solutions is committed to servicing these requirements at the highest level.  Our vision is to “Bring People Together’.  Our aim is to eliminate the skills shortage faced in Zimbabwe by forming strategic links with outside Agencies and Consultants.

One of four Employment Agencies in Bulawayo, Recruitment Solutions proactively meets the Recruitment, Labour and Communications needs of its clients.

We proactively look for employment opportunities for our Candidates and we offer support, advice and tools to help our Candidates meet the requirements placed on them in the commercial, industrial and executive centers around Zimbabwe and abroad.

We are looking for open opportunities whereby our school leavers and graduates are afforded apprenticeships; training; and skills development incentives to improve and uplift the workforce as a whole.

Candidates are fully vetted and checked for suitability before being presented to any company.  We arrange the interview times and dates for you at a location of your choice. Interviews via Skype, or other online modes can also be arranged.  Once a Candidate is selected and has been placed, we follow up on a regular basis to make sure the placement has been successful.

Candidates are subjected to recognized and reliable aptitude tests to ensure their suitability not only to the position they are being put forward for, but also as to their suitability to the career they have chosen.  Companies can also request further tests such as psychometric tests to further establish the suitability of a prospective employee.

As part of our vision of “bringing people together”, we have incorporated communications into our profile.  Satellite, UHF, Wimax, fibre, networking and other options are available to our clients.

Our commitment to our clients is of paramount importance to us.  When you select any of our candidates, we will make sure the ’i’s are dotted and the ’t’s’ are crossed, protecting both our client and candidate from unnecessary Labour disputes or issues.

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