1.  We prefer to meet with our clients face to face to gain an understanding of your business and the specific requirements of the role so we can determine the best fit and in turn sell these features to our candidates.

2.  Search our candidate database, connect with relevant contacts within the industry and write appropriate advertisements to attract the right people.

3.  Phone Screen and conduct thorough interviews using competency based interview questions related to the role to filter out unsuitable candidates.

4.  Conduct a minimum of 2 comprehensive reference checks with previous/current employers, supervisors or co-workers.

5.  Produce candidate profile of a short-listed applicant that includes background checking, skills testing and criminal history.

6. Present short-list of suitable candidates to client, however this can be tailored to your requirements.

7. Schedule interview times for the client to meet with candidates.

8. Provide thorough and honest feedback to the client and candidate post interview and advise unsuccessful candidates.

9. Make a verbal offer to the successful candidate detailing start date and employment contract. In most cases the contracts are produced by the client however Recruitment Solutions can also assist with this process if required.

10. Post placement calls on a regular basis during the 3-month probation period to track progress of the successful candidate, and carry out spot follow-ups thereafter to ensure a completely satisfactory placement has been made.


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