Recruiting for the right employee can be time consuming; hence outsourcing this function allows you to focus on your core business.

We have the networks and the talent – We utilize the pool of candidates on our database and the ongoing relationships we have built over the years with people in the industry and through various associations.

We use a variety of methods aside from just advertising. We spend a lot of time headhunting and using the social media to find quality candidates that are suited to your organization.  We have built strong relationships with candidates and interact with these individuals on a regular basis.

Recruitment Solutions consultants are more experienced when it comes to screening and interviewing candidates. We have thorough processes that we follow to ensure we get the right fit, so we are better equipped and trained when it comes to finding quality staff for your team.

We prepare our candidates with the right information about your company so they are fully briefed, enthusiastic and committed to the role your organization is offering.

We have the capability to offer advice on various recruitment facets such as Labour legislation and regulations, salary guidelines, contracts, etc.

Being the middle man we can also assist with the negotiation of salary, benefits and bonuses as well as advising unsuccessful candidates which saves you having the difficult conversations.

And most importantly, there’s no charge until we have successfully filled a role and the candidate commences employment with the organization.

Recruitment is our core business so why not let the experts take over and do all the hard work for you!



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